Systems that you can count on

The technical infrastructure, particularly the electricity supply, is the heart of any data center. It must always be guaranteed. But the requirements on the availability of systems are not the same for all applications. So perhaps your critical applications need a maximum accessibility (Tier IV), while a lower availability would be sufficient for other applications, meaning you could save costs. At e-shelter, we have developed a multi-tier concept as part of our Data Center Campus. You select the desired availability, which we then produce for you within your space, within the campus in two different buildings or between two sites.

The flexible infrastructure at a glance:

  • Multi-tier environment: Variable availability from Level Tier II to IV
  • Performance density: Power supply as required
  • Cooling: air and water cooling and cold aisle containment


As well the security systems of your spaces are customized to your requirements.

e-shelter operates three data centers in the Frankfurt region alone with a total of 65,000 sqm