• Google opens access node at e-shelter

Google opens access node to the Google Cloud platform at e-shelter in Frankfurt

Container Platform and innovation lab enable rapid entry into digitization

Frankfurt, November 12th, 2018: e-shelter, one of the leading data center providers in Europe and an NTT Communications company, now offers direct access to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The Google Cloud Interconnect Point of Presence (PoP), which is now located at the e-shelter Frankfurt campus, provides companies instant access to cloud applications with minimal latency and up to 10 Gbit/s bandwidth.

“Within the next three years, 94 percent of workloads and compute instances will move from internal data centers to the cloud [1], which can already be found in our data centers. We not only partner with cloud providers, but also, we operate state-of-the-art data centers for all private and public-sector clients. By enabling connection to essential telecommunications networks, Internet exchange nodes and public clouds like the Google Cloud Platform, e-shelter is the ideal springboard for digital transformation,” explains Volker Ludwig, Senior Vice President of Sales at e-shelter.

Test before going live
The e-shelter innovation lab acts as a test field for companies to trial their digitalization strategies, thanks to a combination of numerous cloud scenarios and other emerging technologies. For example, Blockchain and Internet of Things technology can be used to plan, develop, and test under real-world conditions as part of proof-of-concepts before they are migrated to production. Numerous partners provide their solutions in the innovation lab - including the Cisco Container Platform (CCP).

The overall technical benefits of e-shelter hosted infrastructures are extremely high availability and dedicated bandwidth Internet connectivity. In addition, e-connect provides carrier-neutral and private connectivity between all e-shelter locations and Cloud Connects, such as the GCP.

Event Note: e-shelter is Platinum Sponsor at this year's Google Cloud Summit on November 20, 2018 in Munich. Interested visitors will have the opportunity to speak directly to experts from e-shelter, Cisco and Google.

[1] https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/solutions/collateral/service-provider/glob...

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