What we do

What happens when there is a power cut and not only trains and trams are at a standstill but suddenly the Internet is also no longer available? What does it mean for a company if its production is interrupted because IT systems no longer work?

The question that we ask at e-shelter, which is now part of the Global Data Centers division of NTT, is not whether to take on this or that major challenge but rather that we want to use our knowledge and expertise to make the risks manageable together. Our claim is to develop and implement sustainable solutions for the digital infrastructure's security. As a service provider, our work always focuses on our customers' requirements.

We plan, build and operate data centers. Since our foundation in 2000, we have developed into one of the leading providers for data center services in Europe. With a data center area of 90,000 sqm in operation, we are a sought-after partner, particularly when customized solutions for complex projects and high power densities are called for. As our far-reaching experience of operation and the ability to implement these findings in the planning of new data centers are unique. As a service provision company, we are committed to the objective of guaranteeing consistently high service quality. We can only manage to constantly improve thanks to the exceptional commitment and passion of our 350 staff.

The range of services from e-shelter extends from planning new data centers to construction and operation, to complex security concepts, connectivity solutions and energy management. In doing so we process the whole value creation chain in project development, the selection and acquisition of land, financing, planning and general takeover and facility management.

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Our employees come from 17 different nations and represent all age groups