Our Multi Service Interconnection Platform portfolio for connectivity and networking

We deliver value to clients through a wide range of connectivity services and solutions based on our service portfolio. While we remain best in class in terms of providing high availability and secure access to interconnected platforms, including cloud infrastructures, it is also our objective to anticipate technological changes and increased network workloads. To that end, our experts work constantly with clients and partners to solve and implement solutions for tomorrow’s connectivity needs. The-end result is that we deliver carrier-neutral connectivity services that are fast, scalable, and secure, allowing clients to save time and money and to focus on their core business.

The Multi Service Interconnection Platform:

We offer one-stop data center shopping through its powerful Multi Service Interconnection Platform, fully owned and operated by NTT. This platform offers a network environment that is designed to deliver dynamic and cost-effective results, allowing clients to extend their network reach and connect to the global infrastructure of their choice. The Multi Service Interconnection Platform is the central switching point for all networking requirements across all data centers and is supported by our own carrier grade ethernet network. Access to the Multi Service Interconnection Platform is provided through MSIP ports that can connect easily to virtual services and gain direct access to a wide variety of internet access points and to leading cloud providers. The Multi Service Interconnection Platform also provides dedicated, high performance private layer 2 connections with the built-in flexibility and scalability you require as your organization grows.

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Basic services

  • Pre-Cabling
  • MSIP Port

Standard services

  • Cross Connect
  • Metro Connect

Virtual services

  • DC Interconnect
  • Cloud Connect
  • Internet Connect

Google Cloud Interconnect

A solution for any cloud initiative

Direct, secure and fast virtual connection to the GCP region europe-west3 (Germany)

AWS Direct Connect

AWS Direct Connect
Increase your hybrid cloud potential

Use the direct access to AWS region EU to build your Hybrid IT.

Microsoft ExpressRoute

MS ExpressRoute
Your direct access to Microsoft Azure International

Learn more about the advantages of a direct access and how your company benefits from.

Improve the security of your systems with a dual-site concept: mirroring of your data through a direct link between two data center sites

Network and carriers

Cross Connects – rapid connection to the data center community and the internet.