• Connectivity services

Well connected

The e-shelter data centers are connected over several node and edge-disjoint paths of numerous carriers. The e-shelter Campus has redundant Carrier-Meet-Me-Rooms (CMMR) available for best networking to the carrier of your choice. Furthermore, direct internet connections can be established over high-performance IP networks of global Tier I providers.

The connectivity services at a glance:

  • e-connect: Carrier-neutral, flexible and scalable connectivity between e-shelter locations and to leading cloud provider
  • Cross Connect: For rapid connecting from e-shelter customer to carrier/service provider between Carrier-Meet-Me-Rooms and the dedicated colocation space via pre-cabling
  • Datacenter Connect: High-performance connection between two e-shelter data centers or to third-party data centers
  • Internet Connect: Internet connection over global Tier I providers with dedicated bandwidth from 100 Mbps up to 10 Gbps


AWS Direct Connect available at e-shelter


Network and carriers

Cross Connects – rapid connection to the data center community and the internet.

Internet exchange

Direct connection to DE-CIX, BCIX, SwissIX and VIX in our data centers